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Who are we?

We are a successful husband and wife owned and operated real estate Company, with over 20 years of combined real estate experience. We started off as IT professionals but began investing in real estate and later on decided to switch careers to full time real estate to keep up with demand for our services. We worked as real estate agents for 5 years for a big company but were held back by the limitations of working for a large company and a lack of supportive supervision and mentorship. We then went back to school, earned our own broker's licenses, and opened up Key Factor Realty over 5 years ago. Our focus is on applying all of our combined knowledge and experience gained over the years to provide quality advice and meaningful options, and to ultimately act as necessary resources for you to make an informative decision when investing in or selling real estate. 

How do we differentiate from our competitors?

Real estate is very regulated and is full of legal surprises. On top of that, it is our clients' biggest financial investment. Large real estate companies have hundreds or even thousands of agents that have only few brokers overseeing agents of various abilities and experience. They are spread thin and cannot be accessible immediately and surely not 24/7. Mistakes can be made by inexperienced agents or due to inaccessible brokers that may cost you a lot of lost money on the long run.

In contrast, if you chose Key Factor Realty, you will have immediate access to two knowledgeable brokers working for you 24/7 answering any questions, providing guidance, quality advice, options, and exceptional service whether you are buying or selling an investment property or primary residence. We know what you need because we have done it ourselves - bought multiple primary residences, bought numerous investment properties for ourselves, and continue to invest, rent properties, manage tenants, perform numerous remodeling projects, and flip houses. You name it, we've done it!

We do not invest heavily into advertising and marketing. We get clients by word of mouth. We have a lot of clients that keep referring us to their friends and family because we provide very personalized service, we are very accessible, and most importantly our clients value our knowledge and honesty. We become part of your family and help you through one of the biggest decisions in your life.  Read our clients' testimonials and decide for yourself!

We are not just agents, we are the Key to Your Success in real estate!

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